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LD23 Republican Committee of Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Rio Verde
Ardith Hildebrant and Barbara Rothe (and a lot of us) are supporting and helping Aaron Flannery get to the finish line as the Republican nominee for Maricopa County Recorder.  They have been inspired by Aaron's resume, education and personal integrity.  When the Arizona Republic came out with an endorsement of Flannery, it provided much needed name I.d.
Ardith and Barbara will be representing the Flannery campaign at the district meeting on Thursday.  They will be collecting donations for him.  If you want to donate to help Aaron put the last minute finishing touches to his campaign, they and he would very much appreciate it.  Please see Ardith and Barbara at the Flannery Campaign table. Cash and checks are acceptable.
You will remember that Aaron was featured on the LD23 Golden Ticket that so many of you have been distributing to voters in your precincts.  Flannery got more votes than Purcell during our endorsement meeting.
Let me just add that Helen Purcell is a lovely woman and has served our county well for most of the last 28 years.  We all know that there have been problems the past few years within her office.  She has certainly earned a well deserved rest.  Now it's time for "a fresh set of eyes" in that position to defeat voter fraud, clean up voter rolls and take Arizona to the next level of good elections.

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